• Agis Healthcare / Insurance
  • Amersfoort


  • Reduce the workload of the processing team regarding personal healthcare dossiers.


  • Analist / Semi-Nerd


  • A lot of personal (medical) care files, formatted in ‘notepad’ txt files are being processed manually, because it wasn’t automated (and they did it always like this)
  • Certain codes, correspond to certain issues. Yet – again. This wasn’t automated, and to my understanding it could.


  • For me > no clue how the system worked
  • For me > no prior experience in healthcare / insurance corporations
  • Only saw the text output
  • Saw exhausted employees
  • Very repetitive, but you needed to be very experienced (many years of doing this proces)
  • The text documents with codes, where not always in the same ‘spot’


  • I looked and wrote down all the known codes.
  • I made a scan of how the text documents were built up
  • I went to the manager and told him that we could solve this problem:
    • Technically
    • Manually
    • Technically + Manually

The (interim) manager answer: Come back in 3 months, and provide me report. (This really happend, and sparked my career as semi-nerd.

As I am not a programmer, I did see the corresponding interaction flows, and connected the dots. But, I could not program an ‘If This, Then That’ program.

So, … what do you do, when you cannot write code (properly)

Next step. You go into the company cantine.

I went past each table, and asked who could code a certain piece of software for me.

There was this guy, who said: No problem. I am up for it.

So I provided him the schematics, and he delivered. The result: 80% efficiency on handling and processing the healthcare issues. WHOA!



  • As above mentioned 80% efficiency in process handling
  • The interim manager was baffled and he didn’t chop my head off.
  • But I got asked into the IT office, on the 6th floor, and was asked not do something like this again (as I later understood they had contracts with external consultants) – but the director was amused.
  • Some employees were not happy, as they thought they could loose their job, because of automation.


  • Pen and Paper
  • UltraEdit
  • C++ and compiled by programmer


  • Assess the procedures and follow the trail
  • Work out the schematics, the interaction flow, and see if you can find a pattern and what the variables are
  • Interim-managers just want to get the job done. Doesn’t matter how. As they don’t (want) to understand
  • External-consultants are there for a reason. Because the people within the client company mostly don’t know. So, if you do know. Make your knowlegde and skills count on behalf of your employer.
  • Also be aware of ‘the soft side’ in automation; I really did have a crying man, standing at my desk, telling it’s people like me, who make their jobs ‘vanish’. I was stunned. But I told him, that if he was run over by a tram, all the knowledge would be gone. So, what if… you we automate some stuff, so he could focus on service. That was quick thinking. Phew. But fyi: there were no trams in the neighbourhoud anyway – but still … 🙂


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