Xurux, a Dutch based Blockchain consultancy firm.


  • In need of (blockchain) developers. Who isn’t.
  • Advise / Consult on how to use blockchain technology
  • Advise / Consult on how to sell/market blockchain consultancy/technology


  • Consultant


  • I am advising on how to implement blockchain solutions, by first analyzing the business of their clients and then how to implement this technology. 
  • And yes – I do own some cryptocurrencies – but no, not a millionaire 😛


  • Brand position
  • Proposition?
  • Get new clients?
  • Get (blockchain) developers?


  • First I got to know the owners, why they started Xurux
  • Understand their long term goals, mission and visions
  • Understand their needs (now) and on the long run
  • Understand their businessmodel


  • Mapped out a presentation and a plan of attack
  • “What do you claim” in the market; What makes Xurux unique (compared to competitors)
  • Plan of Attack: Roadmap + Marketing/Sales plan
  • Presentation with descriptive and visual explanation of their stakeholders/potential clients, leads and how to target them on their needs.


  • Pen and Paper
  • Creativity
  • Strategy
  • Experience
  • Sales / Marketing techniques


  • First assess, think, map out the requirements and the demands of themselves (as a company) and their respective stakeholders, and their roles.
  • Then – when you know the above “needs” – think about how to approach them? What do you offer them, as you already know, what they might be looking for.
  • Don’ forget that, tech guys/girls, who actually can program stuff in Blockchain, don’t necessarily have experience at big/small companies. So, they might miss out on actual experience, on why and when blockchain should be used in x, y, z situations?