Richard Francis Kay

"Master in Digital Product Management "
& Docent / Trainer / Coach

Always a Plan. Even without one.

Over Richard

Richard heeft meer dan 15+ jaar ervaring in de digitale transformatie en software product ontwikkeling. Hij heeft daarnaast ook meer dan 10+ jaar evaring in het lesgeven op vmbo, mbo, hbo en wo – waarbij hij de brug slaat tussen business, it, innovatie en productontwikkeling.

Waar kan ik mee helpen?

Generally speaking I can help you with software product development. I can help you set up the software architecture. Define requirements, be in touch with stakeholders and provide a product roadmap ... and more.


How do I sell my product? What is good price?


Which software tools do  I need? What kind of tech is out there? Where do I start?


Who are my customers? What is their need? Where are they? How do I reach them? What do I need?


Do you need training or coaching? Or even 1:1 or group sessions with your team? I can help and “train the trainer”


I can help with time, money … and network and a set of brains and hands-on approach too.


Do you need a business coach? Consult? I can teach you how to reach your objectives and get things done. 

How can I help you?

I can help you get your product or service from A to Z
(and help with all the steps in the middle)

Product Portfolio

Here’s an overview of products that I have invested my time, money and expertise in.

Mafia Times



Oil, Gas & Renewables


Oil, Gas & Renewables


Education & Human Resources


Education & Gaming


Both software programmes are used to ‘calculate’ how deep x suction piles must be drilled into the offshore sea beds – so an oil rig or wind turbine doesn’t topple over 🙂


Like Caisson_VHM – Spudpen is a calculation programmes that is used in offshore businesses, to calculate X – so an oil rig or wind turbine doesn’t topple over 🙂


First Person Multiplayer Mafia based game … pick up a gun and shoot…. old skool. Action packed stuff.


Study Skills Made Visible.

Blog posts ...

Various insights and articles written in relation to product development, sales, marketing .. and all the other stuff for everybody who is in ‘product’ development and entrepreneurship…. including my hand drawn figures, charts and models …