Online Marketing Audit: Done Right

What is the best way to do an ONLINE MARKETING AUDIT?

Well, you can jump right into all the (client) marketing analytics, review their channels etc. But what’s the point?

Please take a look at this previous post:

You should ALWAYS define the GOALS first.

Why? Because that way you can define if those goals have been met yes or no?

If you should discover, that the goals (mostly set by managers) are not met, it will be you day to find out WHAT is missing and WHY the numbers / analytics are not adding up … or at least not providing the results your managers where aiming for.

So, ask yourself this:

  • Strategic goals – are they met yes / no?
  • Tactical goals – are they met yes / no?
  • Operational goals – are they met yes / no?
  • Financial goals – are they met yes / no?
  • Sales goals – are they met yes / no?
  • Marketing goals – are they met yes / no?
  • ….

A wise thing would be to pour this into some kind of ‘matrix’ table; this will allow you to ‘cross reference’ the blank spots.

Then you can go in-depth (analyse) and retrace WHY those goals have not been met yes or no?

Most of the things during an online audit, is that people tend to go TECHNOLOGY first, instead of taking a few steps back and look at the overall as a whole.

In software development we would say: Design follows function. Good design increases the functionality. But if you only ‘do technology or stuff because you can’ doesn’t mean you should.

So, to put this into more context. If someone was putting up an TikTok account and did some content planning, distribution or whatever … and there is zero traffic coming from that source. It could not only mean that this is the wrong online channel that is being targeted. No, it could also mean that the ‘persona’ description (of the targeted audience) is not valid, .. or not 100% clear … for the ‘content-creation’ and planning team.

That would mean that you need to improve the user demographics and descriptions. In order to get a better feel and insight OF WHO you are targeting and in WHAT form it would appeal to that persona type.