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Current Investments & Product Development

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Software Development & Investment

About CASK

CASK is an independent software development company that specialises in software tooling (mostly ‘calculation’ kernels) for the geo technical and civil engeering companies that work on near shore and offshore projects that involves implementing ‘”suction” pipes – that need to forced into the seabed soil – so oil and gas rigs and wind turbine farms are fastend in open waters, oceans …

Software Development & Investment

About Scorecard

Scorecard is a suite that contains tools for the educational market. Our flagship is – which allows students to directly see their obtained competencies and skills; based on their study curriculum



Some while ago I invested in a startup that allows (kids) young players that have the ambition to become a world class football player … to view their statistics and football skills (just like the FIFA-game)

ps. got acquired by – who have a reach over 70+ million users on social media.

Software Development & Investment


Fast paced online multiplayer shooter … within the world of mafia. We have some cool ideas and are in talks with a big publisher.

But for now we are aiming and setting up an online marketing campaign to see if the rest of the world also (would) like to see this game come to life …