Some Basic Marketing Ideas

Before you go into online marketing activities and methods, you should do the following first:

Step 1: Define your goals:

  1. Strategic goals
  2. Tactical goals
  3. Operational goals
  4. Financial goals
  5. Sales goals
  6. Marketing goals
  7. … anything else you might consider a goal (on a ‘high’ abstract level)
Step 2: Make it ‘SMART’

After you have defined your goals, you might want to make them ‘SMART’ – which stands for:

  • Specfic
  • Measureable
  • Achieveable
  • Realistic
  • Timebound

Why are we doing this? Well, this way you are setting up a clear GOAL (to be achieved) and you have set the (smart) boundries. This way your (online) sales and marketing approach have a clear understanding what you expect to get as an result.

It’s up to online sales and marketing HOW to achieve that.

BTW – If I write about SAM – that means ‘sales and marketing.