Richard Francis Kay

"Bridging the gap between business and IT"


Sales, Marketing, Product Innovation, Teaching and Entrepreneurship


Business Architect, Product Manager, Sales Marketing, Engineer, Teacher and Entrepreneur


Master Digital Product Mngt.
Minor Agile Mngt.
Bachelor Applied Science & Technology with Honours

Honors & Awards

Speaker at Dutch Game Awards 2011 Speaker at IT-Tooling event 2011 Speaker at EGTA, Paris, 2011 Speaker Dutch Game Awards 2009


Basic Qualification Didactic Competence (BDB 2021) – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Basic Qualification Examination (BKE 2021) – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

+31 06 27 27 43 03

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Richard Francis Kay

Always a plan. Even without one.

"I help people with their sales, marketing, product innovation development and entrepreneurship"

"Bridging the gap between business and IT"

In short about me ...

I am an entrepreneurial engineer by heart with some software development and commercial skills – and I am also a part-time teacher too – whereas I would like to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with you and upcoming entrepreneurial minded students.

How I work is like this: I look at trends, I look at a certain need (or problem) and then I look at root-core problems, … then I figure out a solution (with the stakeholders, my team and partners) – Together we work on a prototype, validate our assumptions and map out a plan,.. and… when we think we have a solid ‘plan of attack’ – Once it’s green lit  I invest, create, market and sell the (software) solutions with my team and partners throughout the world.

Why do I do this? Well, I like creating and solving stuff – just to see – if it “can be done” and if it works – me, my team and partners join the ride and open up the market and stir things up and get it done – one way or another 😉

How can I help you?

  • Solutions: I can help your create software driven product solutions and innovations
  • Sales: Help you set up a sales strategy funnel
  • Marketing: Before sales I help set up your marketing funnel and campaign
  • Business: On an overall I help your with entrepreneurship and getting your business up and running.
  • Entrepreneur: I am an entrepreneur by heart and I can help you with your endavours.
  • Education: If you are looking for advice and training I can teach what I know and did (and still) do as an entrepreneur.

Software Solutions

During my professional career as an entrepreneur – I build businesses from scratch. Most of the businesses are software driven product solutions, focused on a specific need in a specific market. Below mentioned are some of them …




  1. Able to (self) manage team members from a content-related and technical perspective.
  2. Able to take on, create and execute project development independently whether or not within a team.
  3. Able to specify, set and define realistic project scope and boundaries.
  4. Able to communicate clearly with clients about progression and choices made.


  1. Able to continously reflect and analyse on personal effectiveness and handling via feedback from others.




This website is WP ... 75%
Old skool designer ... 90%
I can do a bit .. 63%


Vision + Execution 92%
Business Development
Networking and sales... 85%
Online SEO ... traction 90%


I can make it work ... 81%
Understanding of the lingo ... 72%
Game, Website, Apps ... 79%


EPICS and To Do's 😉 79%
I know my way around .. 83%
Pen & Paper
😉 98%

Entrepreneurship is basically setting a goal, and along the way you need to find out what your missing in order to ge what you want."

Areas of Expertise


I can help you with enter market business strategies aligned with our tactical, operational, financial, marketing, sales and technical goals.

Consultancy & Advice

If you are stuck and need consult, advice from a ‘shadow’ boxer to make you think a little harder.. I can show you the right direction.

"You can start anywhere. But you need to start somewhere. Once you started you will figure out what you are missing.

Online Marketing

Need to get your marketing up and running? I can help you with online marketing strategy, search engine optimisation, customer journeys, create an online funnel and spread the breadcrumbs …


Need something sold? Need a pricing strategy? Verticals? Get someone’s attention and have them get your product? Or use my marketing skills and make life easier for your online sales 😉

Product Innovation & Development

What is it that you claim? You see competitors left and right? How do you distinguish yourself? How do you stand out? Do you have a good product market fit? …

Teaching, Training, Workshops, one-on-one and Masterclasses

All my sales, marketing, product innovation and development knowlegde and experience combined with my teaching skills – 1 one 1, masterclasses or group training and to the point hands-on.

I am good at what I do best

and that's creating solutions in regards to

- Strategy
- Marketing
- Consultancy
- Sales
- Product Innovation & Development
- Teaching & Training

"I look at ‘problems’ and trends in the market and then create a solution for it. How?I look closely at the root-core problem, map out a plan, create a solution (mostly a software product) -> then market and sell it… with a cool team of experts!"

Personal Resume / Curriculum Vitae

I am a gifted sales and marketing specialist, some would call me a ‘product manager’ with technical and commercial skills. I do have 15+ years of (online) commercial experience and build / create software solutions from scratch. I really like being an entrepreneur, but I also like teaching / educating and helping others – whether it’s a student or a professional.

The way I work is that I look at trends, look at the core-root problem solving, figure out what fundamentally needs to be done, then invest time/money/people to design, develop the practical prototype that turns into a market ready software product where I help and push online marketing and sales results. 

My current time, investment and involvement are: – study skills made visibe – fps multiplayer mafia game – caisson/suction pile and jack-up rig leg penetration software for geo and civil engineers in the wind and offshore industry Besides that I am qualified teacher 😉 Contact me +31(0)6 27 27 303 if you need help or grab a coffee:


Scorecard Jan 2016 – Present (6 years 4 months +) Scorecard is a SaaS application that visualises (hard-and soft) skills, competencies, learning outcomes, for students, internships, employers, recruitment, teachers and educational staff. Completely automated and based on the International and European Qualification Framework. (yes this a new domain extension)


JOGO.AI Jan 2021 – Present (1 year 4 months +) Investor at (Acquired by 433)


Wireheads Interactive Jun 2019 – Present (2 years 11 months +) Group of senior game devs working on video game(s) Mafia Inc.

Freelance Sales & Online Marketeer

Freelance Jan 2018 – Present (4 years 4 months +) I help companies with their online sales and marketing GOALS. I get hands down and help you to grow your online business with smart online marketing methods and strategies; so you can run an online business and be the best at what you do.

I work freelance and below are some of the things that I offer:

  • Online Marketing: Online Proposition
  • Analyse current online market position and competition
  • Analyse KPIs and online marketing communication/business goals
  • Define customer segmentation + create custom journeys – think of ways how to increase sales, leads, define a solid online proposition
  • Set up landing pages and online marketing/sales funnels
  • Technical analysis – analyse current website (see what we can improve) – online traffic channels (where are the visitors coming from, .. or should they come from?)
  • Calculate the ROAS (return of advertising spent) and more (real nerd stuff made ‘simple’ by me) – deliver (online marketing) report with solid advice and improvements to get your business goals.
  • Tooling:
    • HubSpot
    • SalesForce – Market Automation, WordPress … and many more (I can explain/showcase them, but that would take me ages)

I choose the right tools and techniques for your online marketing goals and keep tabs on your online business when all set and done.

Technical Implementation:

  • SEO (search engine optimalisation)
  • SEA (search engine advertising)
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Google Analytics, link building….


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Nov 2018 – Present (3 years 6 months +) Educating students about sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, sharing business tips and tricks, methods, tools, techniques and skills


CASK Software Dec 2018 - Present (3 years 5 months +)

CASK creates Independent Software Tools for Geo and Civil Engineers: Richard Francis Kay – page 2 > Caisson_VHM > ISO 19905-1 kernel for spudcan penetration and jack-up rigs. These software tools are proven technology and trusted by the industry and have been in use for almost a decade and have been developed by Msc. Bs. Steve Kay (my dad) who has over 30 years civil and offshore engineering knowledge and experience.


Wireheads Jan 2013 – Present (9 years 4 months +) Wireheads develops their own independent software products. No custom projects. My role is to map out the software product specifications and develop enter market strategy and how to market innovative (software) products. I love pre-sales/business development, negotation, closing deals and market products and services of our cooperation. Software products: – Scorecard – CASK


Games Maken BV Jun 2011 – May 2016 (5 years) Games Maken B.V. is the linking pin and strategic partner for: – 300+ developers – 16+ educations – international clients We work with Unity, Unreal, Game Maker and more. We choose the right tools and don’t stick to one. So, if you are looking for applied game technology or if you need a creative developer check or give us a call, or visit us at:


Hogeschool Inholland / Inholland University of Applied Sciences Nov 2012 – Jul 2015 (2 years 9 months) Teaching – 1 day in the week – the future managers and developers the Art and Business of Gaming; and explaining how to avoid pitfalls: Richard Francis Kay – page 3 – how to set up business – businessmodels – strategy – sales – marketing – negotiations – entrepreneurship

Software Distributor Benelux

Software Distributor Benelux Games Maken BV Jan 2012 – Aug 2013 (1 year 8 months) As official Unity3D software distributor for Benelux responsible for: – Opened up Benelux market of game/software developers – Created and gained instant growth hack customer traction hit – Revenue growth per year 150% – General Sales and Marketing activities – Sales annual target was exceeded (x4)

Sales Engineer

Enrise Jan 2011 – Mar 2012 (1 year 3 months) Technical sales support regarding commercial web/IT/development projects. Really nice company

Software Consultant

Software Consultant Creative Artists Jun 2004 – May 2010 (6 years) Private held company working with freelance artists on various projects related to film, game and internet projects such as apps, games, products and platforms.

Software Analist

Software Analist Agis Zorgverzekeringen Dec 2007 – Jun 2008 (7 months) Responsible for: – Technical and functional analysis on AWBZ/PGB (personal financial budget) within the insurance industry. – Improvement resulted in 80% effectiveness achieved on processing these ‘difficult’ personal dossiers.

Software Analist

Software Analist The Beagle Armada Jan 2008 – Mar 2008 (3 months) Responsible for: – Technical and functional requirements analysis and provided consultancy report for PGB/AWBZ software team and their consultants. R

Product Manager

Product Manager Essae ICT Professionals B.V. Jun 2006 – May 2007 (1 year) As product manager responsible for an innovative product development project (aimed at hotel and catering industry) from scratch. – Responsible for assembling a creative and technical team, technical requirements and product plan in collaboration with stakeholders and investors.


Designer Favela Fabric Dec 2005 – May 2006 (6 months) Responsible for design, coding, websites and community platform development.


Designer Jun 2005 – Nov 2005 (6 months) Responsible for web, mobile and interactive design, coding… and Quake lan-party captain.


Designer Digitas Amsterdam Jan 2005 – Jun 2005 (6 months) Responsible for web, mobile and interactive design and coding.