Online Marketing Audit: Done Right

What is the best way to do an ONLINE MARKETING AUDIT? Well, you can jump right into all the (client) marketing analytics, review their channels etc. But what’s the point? Please take a look at this previous post: You should ALWAYS define the GOALS first. Why? Because that way you can define if those goals have been met yes or no? […]

What To Do (and Not To Do) in sales, marketing … entrepeneurship

Understand the product or service that you are selling Formulate the solution. Not the technology. Be frank. If it’s a no. It’s a no. Don’t push your luck There will always be shitty people and products. Good stuff takes time. There is no ‘pressure’ to something within x or y deadlines, unless… you could actually […]

Some Basic Marketing Ideas

Before you go into online marketing activities and methods, you should do the following first: Step 1: Define your goals: Strategic goals Tactical goals Operational goals Financial goals Sales goals Marketing goals … anything else you might consider a goal (on a ‘high’ abstract level) Step 2: Make it ‘SMART’ After you have defined your […]